Tramadol was supposed to be what I asked for: a non-addictive medication to help combat my fibro pain. It helped some, never felt a high, it seemed to be a decent option bc I had/have no desire to take opioids. I'm a mom. I wanted something safe. Well, I'd decided to stop taking it bc I want to see where I am with my fibro and try some holistic approaches as this medicine doesn't help much anyway. Well, 4 days tapering and 24 hours since the last dose and I'm freaking miserable! How can no one warn us about this? I slept 2-3 hours while tapering per day and in the last 24 hours I've not slept at all. Anxiety, fatigue, lack of motivation... but worst of all is something like restless leg syndrome but over my entire body. It's like there are electrical zaps firing. It's excruciating. I need some relief! Any med that can cause this is evil and I have no desire for more. Ever. But how long will this last? Is there anything I can do to ease the pain and sleeplessness and restlessness? Please help!