My boyfriend says it is Bronchitis because he's had it before but Bronchitis and pneumonia are also similar with symptoms. I've read that bronchitis can last weeks (the worst of it lasting 2 days to a week). I was out in a cold windy rain on August 29th when my work key got stuck in the door and I couldn't get it out. I fiddled with it for close to a minute before I finally got it out. Got in my car and turned the heat on with semi wet clothes. After work on August 30th I got home and was freezing. I got in my bed and covered up. I took my temperature and it was 103 (the highest it's been through this whole thing). I took some NyQuil to help the fever and to help sleep. August 31st comes around and I wake up feeling bad. Airy head, not wanting to sit up, trouble keeping balance at first. As I got on my work clothes I started feeling a bit better. Once I got to work I realized I probably shouldn't have gone but did anyway. Took DayQuil while I was at work around lunch time. Went home and took my temperature before getting under the covers because I was freezing yet again. Temperature was about 101.5 to 102. Didn't take anything since it was only about 5:30 pm and I didn't want to not be able to take NyQuil to help me sleep. I took NyQuil later that night around 9:00 pm and went to sleep. September 1st I woke up my head felt better, a lot less airy feeling but it still felt like a dull pain whenever I coughed or sneezed which I wasn't doing a ton of. Took my temperature and it was 101. Took some DayQuil with me to work and took it around lunch again. Got home and I wasn't too anal about wanting to cover up. Took my temperature and it was about 100.5. I had ran out of NyQuil so I took another dose of DayQuil with Benadryl to help me sleep. September 2nd is when I started coughing. Not a persistent cough but a cough every now and then from a throat tickle (coughing up clear mucus almost 70% every time I coughed). Again I took my temperature and it was 101. At this point I was sweating. I wanted nothing to do with blankets or anything on my body. I had sweated so bad that night there were wet spots on my bed when I woke up to use the bathroom (I know it's gross). My repeat on DayQuil as it had gone days prior continued but that night I didn't take Benadryl. September 3rd (today). Non. Stop. Coughing. Every cough in the book dry, mucus coming up, rough cough, scratchy cough. It's been awful and I can't seem to get relief. I've coughed up clear as well as small bits of yellow mucus. Temperature has stayed between 99 and 100. Took DayQuil this morning and took another dose recently. Woke up at 5 in the morning and could not go back to sleep because of nonstop coughing. I got so sick of it and I was so tired and I felt bad because I had woke my boyfriend up and was keeping him awak with my coughing that I stuck a Halls drop in my mouth and fell asleep with it in my mouth. Thankfully I seem to have this thing where I can fall asleep with gum or food in my mouth and have never seemed to swallow anything (yet). My breathing is fine not labored and no signs or sound of fluid in my lungs as well as my resting heart rate at 92 beats a minute (46 beats per 30 seconds timed), my appetite is still around as well as I've not been having any issues with wanting to drink. I feel fine. Other than this nasty cough and this fever I feel fine. Im trying to figure out if this sounds more like a cold or bronchitis. I have my boyfriends grandmother in the house with us and she is on oxygen and her lungs are bad so she CANNOT get any kind of lung infection and with Labor Day weekend I can't get to a doctor nor can I get to one during the day and I'm not going to the ER unless I can't breathe and I'm dying. I've avoided her as much as possible. No one in the house has gotten sick yet and my boyfriend would have been the first to catch whatever this is. So I guess this whole detail of my past week sums up to a couple questions. What is this? Should I go to the doctor? What can I do (for now) to help with the fever? Do you think I can recover without doctors intervention? Is there anything I can get from target or Walmart that will help with this nasty cough or something that will make whatever this is better? I could really use some help. Thanks in advance.