I have had an ulcer on my leg for two and a half years without much healing. I'm a 53 year old fair skinned white male. Been on Remicade for just about a year and over the past few months I notice a change in skin texture with some small peeling areas on both my arms and legs. It doesn't seem to effect my torso so I can't really refer to it as a rash. When I discussed it with my wife she said "you're getting a little scaly" - which hit me a bit. I am being treated to try to heal a painful ulcer slightly larger than a quarter on the inside of my right leg a couple inches above the ankle. It has been diagnosed as Pyoderma Gangrenosum. I've been given a healthy infusion of Remicade every 8 weeks. The Remicade seemed to be working but perhaps over the last month the ulcer became more active and moist and started to increase in size. My next infusion is tomorrow and while I watch that IV drip into my arm I'll be wondering if I'm hurting or helping myself? I saw another Vascular Surgeon who thought perhaps this was a stasis ulcer and that any healing might just be a big coincidence. So, at 53, I wonder if anyone else is seeing these little peeling bumps or perhaps it is acceleration of my skin aging process? If I stop using Remicade do any symptoms such as this improve?