I have recently seen an ENT surgeon as I have had hearing issues for many years which have just got worse, but they have been (what I felt) the least of my symptoms. I had meningitis, optical neuritis, encephalitis and recurring vertigo. hearing issues came and went. About four years ago I went blind in one eye and started with inflammation on the heart, in my ribs, on my lungs and varying virus nasties that hospitalised me on IV steroids and at times antibiotics. I have been on steroids and immune suppressants since the eye issue plus other medication to deal with the joint and nervous system problems. I get bells palsy in the left side and have left sided weakness constantly which gets worse when I get another virus. I've recently had shingles and my nervous system is affected and hearing loss more apparent. I am waiting for my ENT surgeon to do MRI and Audiology tests then confer with my other consultants. I have been undiagnosed for many years just 'rare and complex auto immune condition'. So a diagnosis would be fantastic news for me. Has anyone else had the diverse symptoms that I have had? Ear issues seem to be what is directing towards a Cogan's diagnosis and I have looked at case studies of Cogan's where sufferers do report some similar symptoms as mine but not anyone to the same extent. I would be grateful for any responses or feedback. Thanks