18months ago i was diagnosed with chlostetoma in my ear and my doctor immediately put me on 15/500 Co codamol, he did this for 5-6 weeks at a time at 2-3 tabs four times a day. When I ran out I would, buy over the counter lower dose for a few weeks then back to the docs, my partner has fibromyalgia and I was also taking 300mg of pregabablin to help me sleep. Last week I decided once my last box was up that was it, I have tried before but always given up within the first day.
I am now on day 3, I am still in pain and getting chills, I do feel better than day one aand two but still struggling quite a lot, the days seem so long. I live in the UK so almost impossible to get anything to help without admitting to the doctor. I can't as my partner has mental health issues and I fear if I ask for help they will think I'm not capable of looking after my 3 children, who are also on summer holidays lol. Any help on how much longer groggyiness and chills will last. can't take anything to knock me out as need to behere for kids. Rang doctor this morning and lied I had a stomach bug to get some immodium. How many should I take? 2mg recommended dose for diarrah. Thanks in advance