Hello friends I was wanting some info on tylonal 3 withdrawing. I was prescribed 20 by my oral surgeon for pain since I had two impacted wisdom teeth extracted. Very painful but the tylonal 3 keeps it under control I am taking it exactly as prescribed I'm not abusing them. The problem is I'm scared of withdrawing when I'm done with them. Check out my (wean off norcos )question for more background. I went through terrible withdrawls from a very low dose of hydrocodone and it was extreamly hard for me. I had sweats and nausea and all that. By tomorrow I'll be done with all the tylonal 3 and I want to brace myself for what happens next. Basically if anyone has experienced stopping codeine cold turkey, could you tell me your symptoms and how it was? Should I taper down slowly or just stop like the directions say? Any help advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.