i am a 25 yr old female, I started taking co-codamol over the counter when I was 12 years old for period pains they worked well so continued to use them. I now use them for headaches. So when a family member offered me two for a headache I said I was used to them and accepted. She forgot to tell me they were prescription and had 30mg codeine in, im used to only 8mg. Anyway I have ony had four tablets alltogether but feel like Im craving them (not in an uncontrollable way) but they relax me and I sleep like a baby!
Should I ask my doctor to prescribe them (as they wont do any damage??) or should I steer clear?!

I dont Really want opinions, I shouldnt be taking them unless prescribed etc etc blah blah I know that, but.. Its not like I'll take them for no reason just for bad headaches and to help me sleep.