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I'm a cml patient, can I quit taking dasatinib after two years?

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sophieleo 3 Sep 2014

you can't quit from taking your medicine... unless your doctor tells you to do so..which is a little bit .. i would say ..unusual.

Helen post 4 Nov 2014

I have had cml for 9 years. I first started with gleevec, them dasatinib, next sprycel snd tasigna. During that time I was in complete remission. It was the side effects that cause me problems. I stopped taking all medication in March since I had a complete remission. Now I about to start taking Bosutinib. I am not worried that I won't have favorable number and complete remission. It is the side effects that are my concerns. I had fluid build up that caused me to have surgery to remove fluid from my lungs could not walk a block and had trouble sleeping. Lost weight and hair. It was all worth it to still be here. Don't know what is going to happen with Bosutinib. Will see

reneetnc 11 Jun 2015

Only your doctor can say yes or no to this question. I have been diagnosed CML PH+ for 11 years now. I began with Gleevec. I had a lot of side effects. I stayed on that drug for 7 years because it controlled the CML.
I was switched to Tasigna about 3 yrs ago. I still had a lot of side effects. Once again it controlled the CML. I stopped taking the Tasigna, under doctors care. Within 2 months I lost remission and had to go back on the Tasigna. I went back in remission within a couple of months after resuming the Tasigna.
2 months ago I was switched to Sprycel. I am still experiencing several side effects but I am going to try it for a while. I like only having to take one pill once a day. I am still in remission. free discount card

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