I have cml leukemia and I am PCRU but I need to quit smoking. I have pretty bad anxiety from the med plus a really bad experience from previous oncologist so i have xanax to take. I am wondering if I can take chantix with my meds. I take Gleevec 400mgs a day and i also take the anti-depressant Elavil 60mgs at bedtime to control severe migraines and to help me gain back the weight I lost from other onc, I lost 32lbs in 3mo, and to help me sleep. I have gained back 20lbs and can eat and sleep again. My new onc. didn't think it is a good idea to quit 'cold turkey' cause the anxiety will get worse. So do i quit and have to use more xanax and become addicted if not already or do I just smoke? I take 1mg xanax every morning and i try to fight the shakes and tightness in the afternoon and then I take 1 at night with the Elavil to help me sleep. Can''t sleep on just the Elavil alone. I will talk to my onc. tomorrow but it's better some times to hear from other people with same issues. I am very sensitive to side effects. I would so appreciate any suggestions from any one that has any advice. Thank you in advance!!!