I had bronchitis and and sinusitis. I developed a burning esophogus where even swallowing water hurt going down. It hurt down into my breastbone. I lost some weight because I couldn't eat much. I also became raw on my genitalia and I also believe I have a vaginal infection now. It burns just at the base of my vaginal opening when I urinate. I am not urinating as much.
I had to use hydrogen peroxide to clear up the infection I was getting on my genitalia. When I was taking clyndamyacin I was tasting the medicine in my mouth all of the time. Now it still hurts in my breastbone, swallowing is improving since I stopped the medicine, my infection clearing up on genitalia but I still need to urinate more and still have inflammation in the base of the vaginal opening. Do I need to see specialists now because of this or will these symptoms eventually go away?