I have suffered from cluster headaches for 20 yrs. I am also on imetrex I get nine for $206.00 in my 6 wk cycle i can go threw 9 in a week. Dr. Have put me on antidepresstion med tried for a 4 days slept around the clock. Went & saw a nerologist he perscribed 400 mg magnesium & oxygen I went 41/2 months without a headache compared to 6 to 8 in a 24 hr. Period I quit the magnesium "just to see if I could w/out a cluster 2 wks I was having them & still having them oxygen is the new cure !! I hope this helps everybody out there as these clusters are the most horrible pain one can endure !! Best of luck !! Please let me know if u have tried or will try the magnesium : )