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Clozaril - how long does it take for drowsiness to subside on clorazil?

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silmarien 1 Sep 2011

Unfortunately, drowsiness is a fairly common side-effect of Clozaril and generally it doesn't subside (though it does for some people - it isn't like an SSRI where some initial side-effects subside; generally, you'll be feeling the same side-effects from Clozaril but your body should become accustomed to the feeling).

If drowsiness is a problem, perhaps your doctor can prescribe a medication like Provigil, or a low dose stimulant such as Adderall or Ritalin. Provigil would be safer and less likely to cause psychotic symptoms (I'm assuming you're on Clozaril for its anti-psychotic effects, I apologize if I'm wrong).

Wellbutrin might also be a drug you could try, in low doses, to help with alertness. As always, consult your doctor before following my advice. free discount card

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