I was on Xanax and klonipin for over 10 years and I went into detox because I wasn't sure how withdrawal would effect me. It went fine and it's been almost three weeks since I was off of them and I had a real bad day and went to check myself back into rehab but after waiting 6 hours I felt better. The ear doc gave me clorazepate 3.75 mg which my go won't refill for me. The problem with this is I am terrified to really leave my house except to go into the busier part of my town because I'm 5 minutes from the safety of my home. I'm scared to go to a psychiatrist because I'm not working don't have insurance and the only free helpi can get is over 30 minutes away into a place I really don't know so I'm looking for a non benzodiazepine that can help as good as clorazepate. I'm on Paxil busipar and have atarax and some clorazepate for my depression and anxiety and panic but my gp, won't do benzodiazepines for me anymore. I need a recommendation if any are there.