I'm just curious how different people chose which anti-anxiety works best for them. I've been prescribed to all 4, and tried them all out. The first anxiety med my doctor put me on was Lorazepam(Ativan), and I mean it did the job but I was alot younger at the time and wanted something that has a more intense effect but stayed on Ativan for about 6 months and asked my shrink if she would switch me over to Clonzepam(Klonopin) and she wrote me my script and I got my bottle and those were alot more intense than Ativan, especially since I overtook what was prescribed to me at the time, which was stupid of me 'cause they didn't last the 30 days they are suppose to until you can refill them. I stayed on those over a year, didn't abuse them, grew out of that stupid stage and my dosage kept increasing and increasing. Then I was in a horrible car accident in the passenger seat of my best friends ride who was under the influence and crashed into an edison pole and knocked it out the ground and I cracked my ribs from the seatbelt. For some reason my medical doctor prescribed me Diazepam(Valium) and it was like real intense but calm but made me feel really good. I guess they can be used as a muscel relaxer, and oh boy... did they relax me. I finished my 30 pills and tried to get more but they gave me cream instead an I was pissed... how do you get prescribed Valium?! I'm sure it doesn't take a horrific car accident an broken rips to get them. And Xanax.. wow. As a teenager, I would steal my moms xanax and pay $5 bucks for a 2mg bar. Then this past month, the doc prescribes me 2mgs every 6 hours PRN and I got 90 2mg bars for $5 bucks and those little devils were addicting like crack. They already only last 3-4 hours tops, as opposed to Klonopin which is 6-8 hours and is now becoming a top favorite pill on the streets beating xanax, which is crazy but anyway, i'll never get another script for xanax again. 90 bars in 2 weeks, worst detox an misery I ever felt in my life, and I had to go to the hospital to allow my body to detox off all those and it was aweful. They don't last long at all compared to klonopin, the more you take, the faster they go away, as well at the higher your tolerance for them will get and that's the only pill I can't control myself from. Way too addicting and by the 15th bar consumed, you're just popping them from feeling anxious and they make you depressed as hell. So I would just like to hear about how other people react to these anxiety meds, and how they keep them controlled and what they do for you that you stick to taking them. My intention was never to get high or addicted to some of these meds, but I suffered from GAD since childhood and my life is just so much more pleasant without any anxiety and unfortunately I formed a habit to continulously take them so I don't have to feel any anxiety... which eventually I felt like I was in hell 'cause no more meds an the anxiety is back to destroy your life :-)