After finally being diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder which is relatively mild and manifested itself in many ways over the years, my then Dr. prescribed Paxil, which almost put me in a mental ward, as there is obviously nothing wrong with my serotonin levels... anxiety, not depression... Another Dr. put me on Clonopin - 1mg dose twice daily which I have been taking for several years and tolerate well.
I'm now 60 and my Doctor's PA who is really on top of things, seems to think there are several good reasons to get off Clonopin and is trying to switch me to Buspar while weaning me off Clonopin. She seems concerned that Clonopin is metabolized differently as I become older, and could cause problems, including depression.
I admit I don't like being on a drug that I can't just stop. I don't like that it affects my short term memory, spelling/typing abilities, etc., but the times I've tried a 5mg dose of Buspar I've felt weird and irritable.
Imagination? Anxiety over switching?
Any thoughts or studies on the long term effects of Clonopin or the use of Buspar in it's place? Thanks!