My son has been put on clonidine for ADHD. Ever since taking the medication he falls asleep soon after taking each dose, morning and night, he is also irritable and grumpy and recently has started walking with a limp (and walking on his toes) I asked him about it and he said his legs were hurting (his calves) i thought maybe he slept on them wrong but throughout the day it hasn't gone away, i gave him some Tylenol and it helped but as soon as that wore off he was back to limping and walking on his toes and i catch him rubbing his calves. I'm concerned on whether he should stop this medication as i don't think he should be on any medicine at this point but his kindergarten teacher keeps pressing the issue. I will be talking to his doctor tomorrow if they are open as we are having bad weather, I'm trying to find opinions and help about what other parents think about this