My family doc jokingly said in a convo we had that im good candidate for clonazepam. he gave me script for 2mg clonazepam 3 x a day so (90) count for 1 month... Never had this before im 44 never took any drugs or anything before so I haven't a clue. well after about 1 year I was hallucinating both audibly and visually. went to see psy doc and told him and he dropped to floor shocked stating that is double dose of extreme Phsyc patients. I went back to family doc that started this mess and he never told me to watch for wd and all that... well after I told Him to reduce it and how he messed me up... (Oh have to mention that once I lost about 10 or so to the vacuum after I spilled a soda in bed..) point is a was done a little early... mind you I am only taking half what I was or less and was stable... until the third day... I had 3 seizures or very violent whole body twists, not jerks, scared the hell out of me... 1st was at 3 am, as I wasn't sleeping, 2nd was at 5 am, third was at 7 am... I stayed awake. I think I went to ER told them and they right away gave me .5 clonazepam then I followed with fam doc again. So I quit taking it two weeks ago and I did not have any seizures or violent twists or jerks No stomach sickness but I do have Complete imsonia,awake for 10 days now... have slept about 15 minutes hear and there but Im not sure what is keeping me up the constant muscle twitches or the fact im always dodging and ducking things that don't exist and that's when I am not reacting to a scream that isn't real or the songs I hear through any white noise in the room doesn't matter if its a bathroom fan or bedroom fan or what its driving me crazy!!! These halucinations I really need to know whats up with that..did I or He fry my brain???