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I take clonazepam at noon. Is it ok to take unisom at night to sleep?

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chuck1957 18 Mar 2016

Notle; YES this is just fine as far as drug interactions but you should let your doctor know that you are having problems sleeping also.

Notleksk1 20 Mar 2016

Thank you Chuck...

Notleksk1 25 Mar 2016

Thank you!!!

chuck1957 25 Mar 2016

Never a problem please feel free to come back anytime lots of great people here to try and help our best have a great weekend.

Notleksk1 30 Mar 2017

Ok my doctor prescribed temazepam 30mg to sleep... it's not working. I take it at 9pm, fall asleep by 11 and I'm up at 3:30am. What can I do? I have lorazepam. Can I take that?

wannabbetter 20 Mar 2016

Hi, I take 1 mg clonazepam at nite & it gives me 6 hrs of sleep. It also makes me less anxious. What dose are you on (if I may ask) and have you tried taking it at nite? I've been on it for almost 2 yrs.

Notleksk1 25 Mar 2016

I take 1 mg in the afternoon and at night. I was gonna switch my night time dose to the morning because I can't seem to fall asleep. When I finally do, around 2am, I'm
Up by 6am. I really need more sleep than that or I'm a zombie all day.

wannabbetter 25 Mar 2016

Are you taking 2 mgs daily? I'm afraid of going beyond 1 mg because of short-term memory loss & dependency. Even though it's not scored my pharmacist said that the pill can be cut in half.

Notleksk1 26 Mar 2016

I was taking 1 mg 4 times a day. I weaned my self off for a year. Panic attacks started again so the doctor put me back on them twice a day. They don't make me tired though.

wannabbetter 26 Mar 2016

2 mg is better than 4 mg. It's funny how it's used for insomnia & it doesn't make some people sleepy.

Notleksk1 27 Mar 2016

I'm gonna go to another doctor in the next few weeks. I used to take estazalom to sleep. That stuff is awesome. 8 straight hours of zzzz's lol. I'm gonna see if this new doctor will put me back on that. free discount card

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