Ok so I've had anxiety for 4 yrs now ever since my grandma past away.. she was like my mother figure and it was very hard for me. I had my first panic attack 2 weeks after she passed.. n have had many since.. my panic attacks are much better these days I bearly have them.. for 4 yrs I was so scared to take a anxiety med because of fear of side effects.. I've never been on meds before this. I was 32 when this all started and am 37 now.. any woo.. about 3 mos ago I was cutting a tomato with a knife n had a thought of what if I hurt myself with it... omg that scared me so much I started having terrible anxiety was terrified to be home alone ... over the weeks it went from me having thoughts of hurting myself... I am not suicidal... to thoughts of hurting my kids... which id never do.. n I was scared to be left alone with them... to even thoughts of hurting my mother when I was alone with her .. again id never do something like this ... it has scared me so much i told my husband to take me to the mental hosp... which he didn't.. he says he knows me better then that n id never hurt anybody... it has been a daily struggle for me.. well I talked to my doc about it n she put me on .5mg of clonazepam twice a day... because of my fear of meds I only took half of that so .25mg once a day for weeks... n it help a lot with the anxiety.. now I been taking the whole pill so .5mg just at night and it's helped during the day for my anxiety .. sometimes I have to take a half .25mg during the day because usually around my period my anxiety and depression are really bad... my question is.. can clonazepam make you feel depressed? A few days prior to taking the pill I was starting to feel depressed .. but now the littlest things make me depressed.. and then I start with the creepy thoughts as I call them of hurting myself.. again these thoughts are not things I want to do.. i have 2 kids that I love dearly n I'd never want to leave them... idk if clonazepam is causing this even though the reason I went on clonazepam to begin with was because of the creepy thoughts.. but this depression I've been having along with the creepy thoughts really scares me... my doc has also prescribed the generic of lexapro bit i have been scared to take that pill for 4 yrs now.. I just don't know what to do.. I'm feeling depressed often.. anxiety comes here n there even on the .5mg of clonazepam.. my kids r worried about me because I cry alot.. my husband has pretty much gave up on helping me n just leaves me to my own devices n bearly talks to me ... because I think he's sick of it.. how do I feel happy again with no anxiety n no depression? Oh n I did go to a therapist last yr.. she was very helpful but I can no longer afford it.. any options is greatly appreciated.. thanks so much ❤