I have small fiber neuropathy. I have terrible aches in my lower legs (knees to ankles) and 1 arm (elbow to wrist). If I do not take pain meds the ache will intensify until it is absolutely unbearable. The pain is usually worse in the evening and when I'm at rest. If I get up and walk around the pain lessens in severity (yet is still very painful). I currently take Lyrica and have just been prescribed Clonazepam to see if perhaps I'm also experiencing some Restless Leg Syndrome in addition to the neuropathy. I've always heard of RLS being a feeling of having to move your legs, a creepy crawly feeling... I do not have these symptoms, I merely have intense achiness that is slightly relieved by movement. I'm wondering if anyone else with RLS experiences it as more of an ache than creepy crawly feeling?