... experienced more frequent, darker bowel movements on Klonopin? I've been taking qty 1--or 1/2, per my doc, 0.5mg twice daily, as needed for anxiety. She prescribed it to supplement O.5mg Xanax 1/2 to 1 tablet twice daily and a low dose of Lexapro per day and a low dose of Seroquel. I did have foot surgery 1 month ago, and am not allowed to walk for another month yet), for which I was given oxycodone for as long as I needed it, but I threw it away a few days later, because I believe that, along with the anesthesia, the oxy just made me really sad and cry (I'm 62, and I work hard to be brave). I do have gut problems (Celiac Disease, so a mild diet). Anybody have the same Klonopin problem? Thanks and God Bless You All and hang in there!