I've been on bupropion XL 300 mg for roughly two years now, when I was put on it I'd been having ha difficult time with my moods often feeling depressed, and crying over stupid things that shouldn't have frustrated me. It worked rather well for me, up until recently.
February 27th I was put on clonazepam 0.5 mg for anxiety/panic episodes. I'd say I started noticing the increase in nerves around last December, and first sought ways to cope with it by finding things to calm me down when I started to feel anxious or panicked about something. It finally hit a point where my panic would either throw me into a frustrated rampage on myself, that went on and on in a vicious cycle of being mad at myself for not being able to handle something that doesn't make anyone else nervous. On occasion I even snapped at my roommates. Sometimes my defense for the panic was to get angry, when really I was downright scared of looking like an idiot, or failing at something, or just overthinking everything.
Othertimes, I'd crumple into this hyperventilating sobbing scared mess. It was all 50/50 and unpredictable how I'd react. A lot of the time it depended on who I was around.
I would have these episodes, and then once they were over I felt raw, empty, like I'd shut down entirely to the world around me, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few days.
When starting clonazepam it knocked me out, and about two days being on it I was feeling lots better! Relived, and not frantically worrying about little things, and happy again, and feeling that made me absolutely estatic!
Not so much anymore. Thursday March 5th I had a mini episode, and it was in public, at school, on a little "field trip" deal (career college, not high school). I started to feel nervous when we had to put on hair coveres and face masks to go into the back. I got left behind becaise I was having issues with the hair net, I asked for help, got none. And they left me. It took so much for me not to panic and cry, I could feel the hyperventilation getting ready. Even explains this makes me re-feel what I felt. I didn't know what I was doing, it was like I forgot how to gown up. The rest of the tour was a blur, I was dealing with trying to keep my cool the entire time, and my teacher shadowed me the entire time asking if I was ok. That alone made it harder for me to chill out.
Since then I've had mood swings like a freaking banshee! Times where I feel excited and estatic, but then get real emotional and want to cry, or angry and punch walls or flip tables. Then I numb out, loose all interest in anything.
Still being new to the combination is it just me adjusting and will I even out and just be good for once? Or is the dose too low? 1/2 of a 0.5 does absolutely nothing for me. This weekend in particular has been hard, very very hard since Thursday, and I'm at a crossroads right now of feeling numb and wanting to cry, but in me too, when roughy 1 1/2 hours ago I was so irate about a situation I couldn't focus on anything.
I'd call my dr. But it's Sunday, and I don't want to do anything like take one more clonazepam without his ok first. He did say we would start at 0.5 mg first by either splitting it, or taking it whole, and then decide to either up the dose, or do something else.
I'd like to note that the emotional instability has occurred to me before back when I was put on bupropion XL 150 mg, made me a crazy unstable mess worse than I was before, and the. The dosage was upped to 300 mg and I was a happy camper.
Has anyone had any similar experiences as far as mood swings on either of these prescriptions, preferably a combination of the two? And any advice on what to do when contacting my dr. About it?