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I been on clonazepam 4 ten years at 2mg at night n I still dont seen to get any sleep at night?

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LaurieShay 10 Jan 2014

Time to let the prescribing doctor know of your insomnia. There are numerous options to pursue.

pamee 10 Jan 2014

As Laurie has stated there are many other options to let your doctor know. I have found trazodone to work good for my insomnia.

kova 11 Jan 2014

I agree with our peers here, talk with your doctor. Don't be afraid of taking multiple meds for different health concerns. I hope your comfortable keeping an open line of communication going with your providers. If adding a new med is what is best for you, do it as long as your comfortable. Your not the first or the last to need additional assistance. Your wellness is a process and lacking sleep (or rather restful sleep) has a huge impact. Also, watch your reactions to whatever they provide and don't be afraid to tell them if it doesn't work so they can educate you and try another.
Rest well when you can. All the best to you and your health!

ElizaJane23 11 Jan 2014

Your body likely has built up tolerance to it and would need a higher dose to work. I recommend what the others have said - time to try something new. I've found Trazodone and Amitryptaline help greatly. Regards, EJ23 free discount card

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