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So is clonazepam 2mg similar to xanax?

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LaurieShay 26 Jun 2013

Clonazepam is similar to Xanax in that they are both benzo's, but Xanax is quicker and shorter-acting than clonazepam.

coloresue 27 Jan 2015

The 1st answer was a good one. Clonazepam can work for 8 hrs. and longer. Xanax is much shorter acting, roughly 4 hrs. Both depend on your level of anxiety for how well and how long they work for you. Xanax is often a quick way to address anxiety but not a long term solution because of it's ups & downs. For some people it works as an occasional low-dosedrug as needed. Two mg of clonazepam is not recommended. It's a high dose best split up into smaller doses. e.g. 1 mg at 8am, 1 mg at 8 pm. Psychiatrists today like to keep the day's total clonazepam at < or = 4.0mg. Dementia is a real concern at doses higher than this. You don't say how many doses of 2.0mg clonazepam per day you take, so I added these comments. free discount card

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