I started seeing a Psychiatrist about 13 years ago. I was diagnosed with all kinds of mental problems. Clinically depressed then bipolar and finally GAD.
I didn't know that that most horrible of my symptoms was anxiety.
The Dr started me on a very low dosage eventually my Dr found that 2mg 3x a day was the magic dose.
I felt almost "normal" again which was a godsend. I couldn't even leave my house or think straight until the doc helped me. I was on that dose for over a decade. We tried weaning off it a few times and my anxiety just starting intensifying over a month or so until I was back on 6mg a day. I've tried so many other meds like cymbalta and effexor not to mention probably 20 other meds. Nothing helped. I've suffered once without it for months because I moved and had to switch drs. The few I've seen wouldn't prescribe more than 1mg 3x. It just doesn't help. It cuts it by maybe 20-25%.
I feel like I'm being placed in the screwed up position of Dr shopping.
I don't want to nor should I have to do that. I've even had a few quacks tell me there's no such thing as anxiety disorder. Really?
I suffer every day. I wake up in the middle of the night like a heart attack victim crawling on his knees for his nitro.
I don't understand. Why am I made to suffer when my old dosage of 3x2 worked for me.
It seems the drs are scared to write a stronger dose than 1x3 a day which doesn't help much. Sometimes I just want to end it to get final relief but I would never harm myself.I have children who need me. Just the thought seems to help a bit.
Any suggestions?
I can't live like this.