I just got married last September and we are having trouble getting pregnant. On November I when to Mexico because my uncle passed away and I got really sick and they did some blood work just to see if I was okay. That's when I found out I have Hypothyroidism. It broke my heart. I came back to the states and couple of months later took another blood work because I told my doctor what happen and she did the blood work and my Hypothyroidism is normal. how stressful is it to get pregnant . So I go look for a specialist on thyroid so he can help me. The doctor said looks like maybe is pcos but I need to make sure its not hypothyroidism. So I am still waiting on my results I have my appointment on the 16 of march. I am working out eating hormone free and I just started to work out. I am overweight and its super hard to loose weight for the this past year. what is the best way to loose wait and if I take Clomiphene right know it would be unhealthy for me since I am overweight.
I need help I am just worried that I will not be able to get pregnant because I am overweight and I am trying to loose weight but it feels like its taking for ever to loose weight.