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Clomiphene - why would this be given to a 58 year old male with low testosterone?

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tonymcgregor 17 Nov 2015

If your doctor believes your body is able to produce normal testosterone levels but is inhibiting it (i.e. you have secondary low testosterone) they might try Clomiphene. Clomiphene changes the way your body regulates testosterone (reducing the tendency to shut off testosterone production when a particular level is reached). It's use in males is currently "off-label" but if it works it will avoid some of the negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy including shrinking testicles and lowered fertility.

If you LH levels are low (before testosterone replacement) you are more likely to have secondary low testosterone. LH is part of the a chain of hormones that tell your body to make more testosterone. Like testosterone, LH is a bit tricky to measure as it changes through the day. You need a couple of consistent measurements early in the morning to get some confidence that this a problem.

As well as medication, lifestyle changes can often help secondary low-testosterone. You might try more exercise, less alcohol, and, if you can, reducing stress. Stress in particular, has a very direct impact on testosterone. In essence, your body is designed to wind up survival and short term capacity and wind down long term health and reproductive capacity during times of stress. free discount card

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