i had two miscarriges last yesar ive been on depo provera for 6years , and i got pregnant after a 8months of being off , and miscarried , got pregnant again same year and lost it , 2 miscarriages, ive been ovulating not getting pregnant any more had a dnc oin dec 11 2015 , april 28th 2015 , i had took induce miscarriage by pills inside vag , i need something to actually ovulate , i think depo has screwed me 4 the years ive been on it , i seen doc , shes really no help , she saying i took blood never gave a pap, and says everything is fine and she does not know what happen that my ovaries , tubes are fine , she says my progesterone , and hcg levels we're fine , but why i keep miscarrying , i never miscarried , i had 2 abortions , so i dont know ???