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I have a clogged ear. Would Zyrtec help?

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kaismama 19 Jan 2013

It could, if it doesn't ask your pharm about peudofed.

Lisa01 19 Jan 2013

It may, but I'd probably go for a good decongestant like sudafed, or the store brand equivalent. You might also try laying on your side, putting a dropper full of warm (not hot!) water in your ear and letting it set there for a few minutes. This will help thin out any buildup of ear wax you might have. A bulb dropper, like the kind you use on babies or young children, is perfect for this. Once you've let the water sit for a few minutes, you simply turn your head over and let it drain. Use the bulb to flush out your ear - GENTLY! This will help the softened wax come out and not just settle back in your ear canal. If the problem persists, you should go to your Dr to see if you have an ear infection. I hope this helps you!

Inactive 19 Jan 2013

go to pharmacy and ask pharmacist what he would recommend like swimmers ear or auro over counter meds,they do help free discount card

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