I'm 36 wks prego... turns out I had a yeast infection & bv. :/
I don't understand it bc I don't have sex at all since I've been prego. Maybe 10 times in almost 9 mos. Anyways I got the cleocin suppositories. I couldn't get it to go in... then it wouldn't stay bc so gely like. Then once I finally got it to kinda stay... it burned! Like omgg it hurts!!! :(
I never had burning or anything before. My culture had came back and my OB told me I had bv so I had to start this medicine. Bc I'm prego & all. Uhm... but why does it hurt? Like it burns when it was finally inside and up in there. Only time I had burning like this was years ago from a sex lotion... (KY intimates)
Help plssss!