Hi, I was prescribe antibiotic call Clindamycin after tooth removal, after taking 3 pills next day I woke up with sever allergy, my whole body was cover with rash, my hands had watery blisters, itching crazy, immediately I went to ER. In ER I was treated with SOLU_MEDROL and DIPHENHYDRAMINE and was sent home with prescription:
Benadryl Allergy 25mg tab/3 times a day
Pepcid 20mg tab/2 times day
Prednisone 10mgtabs in dose pack 40mg/day
I stopped taking Clindamycin immediately.
Now it is fifth day taking all of this medicine, but the skin problem doesn’t go away.

Only watery blisters clearing up, but the rash and itching gets better for few hours then comes back.

How long dos it takes to clear up the skin after this allergy, and what is the best solution for itching?