i went to a dentist to let my tooth be pulled out because it was so painful that i can't tolerate anymore but that dentist told me to take first antibiotic for 1 week (3x a day) so she recommended clindamycin. i followed what she told me and so after 1 week i went again to her clinic unfortunately she's not around so i look for another dentist. i told this second dentist what i've been through and she told me that taking clindamycin is sometimes not advisable for toothache because according to her it has a strong impact. she pulled my tooth out and advice me not to take any medicince however i felt horrible so i took clindamysin because when i took clindamycin during that 1 week i found out that it's effective. Now i would like to know if is it really advisable to take clindamycin for toothache? and if it's okay to take it after tooth is pulled out?