I have been perscribed this antibiotic to take for a MRSA type infection. The Dr. (NP) opted not do a culture. I described the following to her:
Back in 2000, I got what I thought was a bug bite on my face at my wedding. Every day, it enlarged and every day I became sicker. It was resistant to all antibiotics prescribed, and I began to break out in other parts of my body,so I was hospitalized.
It was very aggressive and resistant. Thru the years, I have had episodes of it in same spot on face, (like every 3 years) but it has never developed into anything major. I always applied Bactroban ointment and it seemed to subside.
Now, it is back with a vengeance. I've had since SUNDAY the 4th and it has doubled in size every day. Now is sized a tennis ball.
Has anyone else had an experience similar with it reoccurring like this? And what has been UR experience with this medication? Can u take probiotics and such to keep side affects in control?

Thank you for reading this.