I have been suffering from skin infection on my cheek and my doctor said it was a spider bite, after 2 weeks of 1st line antibiotics shows no improvement so my doctor prescribed Bactrim and I ended up in the ER due to serious Sulfa allergy, now I am taking Clindamycin 300mg (3 Times a day for 14 days. ) The first few days I was feeling good, besides the diarrhea I had, toothache and skin infection were gone. Today is my 8th days on Clindamycin , the toothache returned and feeling pressure under my eye. (Both of my dentist and eye doctor said it’s related to my skin infection not my tooth or eye).

I still have 6 days till I finished my antibiotic course. My question is , could it be possible that the bacteria is begin to resist Clindamycin ? since my symptoms were gone and now it returned. I am so sick of switching one antibiotic to another during this whole month. Please give me some helpful advice. ( my doctor is on vacation so no answer will be receive till 12/29) thanks in advance.