So im on microgestin fe 1/20 im on the 3rd month on the 6th day of the inactive pills ive never missed a pill and im not on antibiotics or anything like that. The first two to 3 days of thr inactive i had very very light bleeding and crampa but i was told that any blood yoi get on the inactive week consider your period. Well my fiance ans i have been making alot of love since then, and just now about 30 min after we made love i went to the restroom and there was a clear liquid running down my leg? He didnt ejaculate in me. It kind if had a very very very light redish tint but it was mainly clear thin and odorless... and im having minor cramping. So 2 questions: the little bleeding i had this week means i had my period and im safe? And next what was that vaginal... liquid? Is it normal?