will withdrawal be as bad as before? i cant believe i did this to myself. had a panick attack last night thinkin about never doin it again. i never never ever want to touch this ish again. i left new jersey to live with a girl on west coast for 2 years to get clean. was home for 1 week then started sniffin the same ish i used to shoot. i hate myself for what i've done and feel tired of my life due to the drug use. i want to be back to my normal happy self. it took bout 3 months before to feel 100% and not be thinkin bout it every day. please help if you have any answer if it will be just as bad because im afraid if it is i may have to check into inpatient rehab. starting meetings again tonight since first time since i left. i sjhould have just kept up with the meetings, but im obviously dumb.