hi there. One of the Doctor in Singapore prescribed me clarithromycin 250 MG, 2 tablets a day for about 5 days. With bunch of other tablets , for normal mild fever and swore throat and I continued for about 3 days, last week from Sunday FEB13- 15th night. On Wednesday 16th morning I’ve diarrhea for about 5 times and the fever is not there . After which there is no swore throat or fever. But I’ve diarrhea, burning sensation in the anal (Shitting and peeing (penis) outlet) when shitting and peeing and sleepless nights until today.
I’ve discontinued using Clarithromycin 250 MG after 15th FEB night. I’ve taken up to 6 tables of 250 MG for three days, and today is 7th day since I’ve discontinued clarithromycin 250 MG
My Diarrhea (about three times a day), Burning sensation in the anal and peeing outlet and sleepless nights is still there , however there is some I see slight improvement compared to last week.
How long will it take for this drug to get out of my system completely?
How long should I wait before I go and consult the doctor again? For this Side effects, Is it treatable and reversible?