Hello - I have been taking anywhere from 0 - 1mg per day at night of clanazopam for the last 10 years. I take it for sleep. When I try to stop taking it I wake up in a panic, heart racing. If I take the 1mg before bed I sleep well and am generally happy all day. There are a couple things I have noticed. If I take 1mg let's say at 7pm one night and don't take any the next night but decided to drink fairly heavily (9-10) drinks I end up blacking out and doing things way out of my character. I don't ever remember this happening before being on this drug. If this helps you determine what is going on I don't drink very often, maybe once every 2 weeks but when I do its probably more than 5 or 6 drinks. Do you think even though I am waiting 24 hours to drink after taking the clanazopam it is still affecting me and somehow mixing with the alcohol? What are your thoughts?