feeling better, not sleeping as much, and my brain feels like its working were before i felt like I couldnt think, just emptness and I was spacing out like at stop signs getting them confused with stop lights.lol
. I also feel like my personality is coming back after 3 years when this first started. I hit an IED in Iraq and when I got back to U.S I started feeling insecure and like a kid type personality . by this I'm mean I didn't feel like my age, I had no confidence even my voice changed to like a kid. I know sounds weird
I still have no energy in where i want to work out where I use to all the time since this started so 3 years now, not working out and concentration issues have gotten worse. So I was put on ritalin as well. But since my sleeping has changed from 18 hours a day to like 10-12 and my personality feels like it comes back once a week or so, does this mean I have to give the medication more time? like 3-6 months? I'm at 20mg and 40mg did make me feel good, sense of well being, but made me more tired, so went back down to 20mg. and it's been 2 months now since I started this med. I just hope my energy comes back so I can start working and getting my goals done. I've spent all my savings and focused on school which I should have waited but, figured to get my sleeping fixed before I start working and now, it's getting to a time where I have to get this fixed but just started this medication that is helping two months ago. so should I wait or should I change because this is the best it will get after 2 months of beingon this? started med last week of Nov. from 10mg to 20, tried 40 last month but went back down to 20mg.