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Citalopram - How does this work for gad anxiety with agoraphobia?

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Nattjenta 11 Feb 2015

It depends on you and your situation. Has your doctor prescribed this for you? Have you been taking it? The answer to your question is yes and no. It works for some people and not for others. Your doctor can try this and other things until the correct medication for you is found. It takes time to see which one will work for you

Delila 12 Feb 2015

Hi, i take Citalopram, initially it was prescribed for depression but i also suffer with GAD & agoraphobia. I'm not sure to what extent it helps these last 2 problems, but it does go some way towards treating the symptoms, giving me more confidence and making me feel more positive and not so emotional/teary

Blessed but stressed 13 Apr 2015

If I remember citalopram is celexa right? If so I took it for a year and loved it. I tapered off because I thought I was better. I was wrong and a year later it just didn't work or ever kick in. So I'd say give it a try. They take a while to feel three effect. Best of luck! free discount card

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