I am in the process of switching from citalopram to sertraline for depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and insomnia. I was on 40mg (had been for a year), dr said cut it down over a week then start on 50mg sertraline... so the first 2 days I took 20mg then for 4 days I took 10mg, then nothing for 2 days. Have to say I've had hardly any withdrawal symptoms! Just yestetday and today I've been more tired than usual, and I've also felt a little dizzy for a few seconds at a time whilst walking around today. Other than that, nothing. Is it too early for withdrawal? Or could the lack of withdrawal mean they weren't doing much to begin with?? I never had a moment of thinking "oh they've definitely kicked in" but once I was taking 40mg I did gradually start to feel better for a few months. But then started going downhill again. Maybe citalopram just doesn't suit me?

I was told to stop citalopram completely before taking sertraline but dr didn't say how long for. Is 2 days long enough? She did say just reduce over a week then start the sertraline... I'm worried the withdrawal will hit me then I'll have sertraline side effects as well. Maybe I should halve the 50mg tablets for the first dew days?