I had to change doctors because my family practice doctor is moving.

I've been taking 6 to 8 mg of Alpralozam when needed per day due to stress for 7 years now. I have not been depressed but have my own business, rent property, and do have a life long history of being nervous & anxious.

My new doc reduced my Alpro... to 4 mg per day when needed plus put me on this Citalopram stuff. She said it would help smooth me out and I would need less Zanax.

I took it for 7 days and I was a total useless wreck. Here are the side effects I experienced:

... blurred vision after day 2
... acute agoraphobia
... gritting teeth
... confused thoughts coupled with speech impediment
... fear of driving and leaving my comfort zone
... insomnia
... extreme nervousness
... fumbling while trying to handling objects, sometimes dropping them
... could not go to work to face my customers because I don't feel I could work or present myself well
... complete lack of appetite

Today is day 6 after stopping the Cit... and I am doing good now except for my blurred vision. I have an 82" TV in my LR and I have to use reading glasses to watch it now. I have a 46" in my office 9' away on top of my other computer station and I can't watch it with out glasses. I can't see items well around me. I'm dealing o-k with the reduced dosage to 4 mg of Alprazolam.

My new concern is permanent vision damage from 7 days of taking this 20 mg Citalopram.

Has anyone experienced this or has this drug been in a lawsuit because of vision impairment? Will my normal vision come back? I only needed glasses before while I was at the computer and while doing my technical work, but not watching TV or doing daily tasks.

Thanks in advance.

PS... and no; I have not told my new doctor anything yet because I don't have the extra money for an unscheduled appointment being un-insured and work is very slow.