hi i am awful at taking meds but a few months ago i was told i had anxiety so was put on citalopram 10mg so easy me on it found my self feeling ok some days n worse on others was having sleeping problems on it so doc surgested take my med 1 day n miss the next must say the day i didn't have it felt a bit panicy but have rescue remedy as the way went on i felt like me again n could sleep any ways my doc put me on 20mg of citalopram nt even had them a week n i was at the docs other day on my check up n a diff doc goes to me i dont think citalopram is working for u try sertraline i was a little confussed as not even been aweek on the 20mg of citalopram n hes give me 50mg of SERTALINE to take half a tab a day for 2weeks then the full tablet after that and i said i am no good with meds scared of everything that could go wrong took me a month to get my first lot of meds but i did it i have no idea what the STERALINE will do anyting dont want to look it up as i will just focus on the bad things as i think the reason for my anxiety is i have been getting chest n breast inflamation for a few year but the last time i had it was three or four time close to each other in a year n half n the last time i had it 2 week later i got told i had anxiety so i think that set it off with the bad thinking of why am i getting it so much so close together i am new to anxiety not had it too long i am trying my to handle it got self help tips n going to do CBT as it can be very helpful which i hope it is i have 4 kid a wonderful husband who reasures me i will be ok i just don't want SERTRALINE to give me suicidale thoughts i really just want to be me again n do things more with my kids as its not fair on them any thoughts on switching from citalopram to sertraline thank you so kindly