It's roughly two years I'm on Citalopram 20 and Propranolol 10. I've been taking these drugs for MVP MR(mild) which I have. These two pills really make me calm and I have much less social anxiety but there are a really frustrating problem. It's longs ago that I started to develop intestinal flatulence. This problem is got worse when I eat one of dairy products. Milk, dough, ... . When I eat one of those dairy products my flatulence is started after an hour and very severely. It longs more than a day to get better. It's really frustrating. In this situation my stool is a bit soft and it floats to the surface of the toilet sink. My main question is that whether those mentioned drugs are the culprits??? What do I have to do?
Please answer me as soon as possible. Any answer and help is welcomed?