I had my son 4 weeks ago and started having intrusive thoughts shortly after, but recently they are starting to involve me, three days ago I was sitting next to the edge of the mall banister on level two, feeding my son, I suddenly had the thought what if I threw my son over? Would that make these thoughts go away? Now the guilt has set in because I keep replaying how scary that was in my head, I broke out in a sweat and it just wouldn't go away so I stood up and walked away from the edge. I thought that was so serious that I took myself to the hospital today to be evaluated. They tell me this is normal but it feels so abnormal. I feel like I can't leave my head, I feel so bad about that thought I can't eat, or sleep, and I have suicidal thoughts, my son won't need me? He won't need a Mom that thought these things, please help me someone. Will I be okay?