I have health anxiety, and am waiting on a CT scan which my doctor believes will be clear as I am a 30 year old non smoker with perfect blood work. But since my anxiety has exploded I have developed depression and episodes of shortness of breath. Panic attacks too, which have led me to the ER a few times when D-Dimmer tests, xrays, and ekgs have all said im totally healthy. MY doctor put me on Citrolopam and I am on day 9. Some minor side effects, an afternoon sleepiness but I still am having episodic anxiety bursts where I have shortness of breath. My doctor has assured my lungs look clear, my lungs sound clear, and gave me short term Lorazapam to combat the episodes. How long will it take for Cit to kick in. I have heard 2 weeks to 4 weeks. I really want my life back. Im constantly worrying about my health and my breathing. When I get distracted or play sports it goes away. But I just want to feel normal again.