I was on 60mg Citalopram and feeling really good until my doctor got concerned about the cardiac statistic and switched me to Zoloft. I had a very bad reaction with Zoloft so after 3+ weeks of use was tapered off very quickly and put back on 60mg Citalopram, as these two antids I believe are interchangeable/similar. However, even on the 60mg citalopram (12 days) I am now feeling constantly tired, weepy, irritable and can't tolerate any noise. I have also got a low drum noise in my ears which I had before. Of course this gets me down more as I am normally very energetic and like to be busy. I can't understand this as before when I started Citalopram it kicked in very quickly.I am perimenopausal and know that right now PMS is kicking in badly so adding to symptoms. Sorry for whining, I just want to feel good again and all this has really messed me up. Any feedback greatly appreciated