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Citalopram - Have any of you ever bit into your celexa by accident? Im nervous about side effect?

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elaine61 21 Nov 2011

I snapped my 10mg tablets in half for a while, so that I only took 5mg a day, which allowed me to come off them very slowly. I know that's not exactly biting into the tablet, but it does mean that I had little bits of the tablet in my mouth when I swollowed it. I had no adverse side effects.
Hope that helps :-)

peepapie 21 Nov 2011

thanks elaina. I was just eating dinner and had placed my pill on my plate. Accidently bit my pill but didnt realize it. I was like why do i have this disgusting bitter taste in my mouth?! What did i bite into?! Lol i spit it out and when i cleaned my mouth out i went to take it i realized it was gone. Lol just felt nervous abt quick metabolizing.

Anonymous 22 Nov 2011

I accidentally bit into my Citalopram one time and I didn't have any adverse effects. It did taste really nasty, though. free discount card

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