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Citalopram - Is this good for fibromyalgia?

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Inactive 21 Jun 2012

Hello mom81201. Yes it is. Citalopram is prescribed off label in the treatment of Fibromaylaia with fairly good success. Best of wishes to you, pledge

Lisa01 21 Jun 2012

Morning Pledge! I made cupcakes last night on a whim. I'll share if you want to bring the coffee... :)

Inactive 21 Jun 2012

Good morning Lisa. Fresh pot just made its a select dark roast from Columbia. Have a cup or a mug and I'll enjoy a goodie as well. :-0) Bye bye for now and I hope all is going well out in your neck of the woods.

Lisa01 21 Jun 2012

Sounds wonderful my friend! But it's 96 degrees here so we'll have to have our coffee break in the kitchen instead of on the porch. Take care and stay cool!

joeiy02 21 Jun 2012

that is just an anti depressant. I was on that for awhile for depression, for my depression, It worked for me for awhile for that only. Be aware of doctors trying to prescribe things for you b/c they think your fibro is all in your head. that's all. I hope it works for you! :)

kjohnson0219 3 Jul 2012

>>>>>disabled military veteran here to tell you that citalopram is the best thing a doctor can prescribe for depression and PTSD and a load of other problems with no bad side effects, I have tried them all and this is the best one i have ever found. free discount card

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