I have been on citalopram for many years and during a blip I go up from 20mg to 30mg and it usually works well. This time has been a drama, I saw a different doctor who said go up from 30mg to 40mg so I did for 3 weeks and I was ill with side effects so dr said drop down to 30mg for 2 weeks. So I did but was still feeling low so said doctor said I think you should go back up to 40mg but slower to avoid side effects. So I went from 30mg to 35mg for 2 a further two weeks then went up to the 40mg and lasted five days with the terrible side effects then I had to go back down to 35mg. So I've been down to 35mg for a week and a half and have a new doctor who tells me I should have been on one dose for 12 weeks! 6 dosage changes in 8 weeks! My mood is a bit better but I'm having terrible anxiety but I'm not sure if this has been caused by all the dosage changes. I have been off work since this started so people think I should be back to normal by now but I've been to hell and back and I feel I'm not out the darkness yet. Any advice/ opinions on what has happened to me and the left over anxiety?